Laboratory of Research on Novel Assisted Intervention Technologies for Food Preservation


Sandra Guerrero, PhD, CFS,

Senior Researcher and Associate Professor

Team members

Marcela Schenk, PhD, Adjunt Researcher

Mariana Ferrario, PhD, Assistant Researcher

Daniela Fenoglio, PhD student

Antonella Andreone, PhD student

Luz Kozono, PhD student

M.Angeles Casco , PhD student

M. Durán Cassiet , PhD student

Current Grants (ANPCYT PICT2019-00365, UBACYT 2020, INYM2021, PIP2021): 4

Number of technical and scientific articles published in the last 5 years: 40

Research scope: Emerging technologies for food preservation
Subarea: Novel Assisted  Intervention Technologies for the preservation of  food and beverages: laboratory and pilot-scale UV-C applications


Current research lines:

  1. Development of assisted-UV-C based technologies for the processing and preservation of complex beverages.
  2. Revaluing of Yerba Mate tea by the development of bioactive-enriched by-products
  3. Nano and microencapsulation of natural antimicrobials and their use in complex beverages
  4. Research on Novel Consumer Sensory Techniques

Equipment for targeted applications

Continuous flow-through UV-C light device for the processing of clear and turbid beverages at laboratory scale (Laboratory 20B, Ground Floor) (2 L/min; 2 kJ/m3)

Continuous flow-through UV-C light pilot-scale device for the processing of clear and turbid beverages (Pilot Plant- Industry Department) (1.7×103kJ/m3 ; up to 750 L/h)


  • STAN 11/2018/ITAPROQ:  Advisory services on assisted intervention technologies for the preservation of beverages
  • Advisory services on sensory analysis for the development of new products

Links of interest (in Spanish):

Nexciencia: Jugos con luz

Nexciencia: Sacarle el jugo al mate

International Research Cooperation

Member Group (FCEyN, UBA) of RIMA International Team   (RED INTEGRAL DE ESTUDIO Y DESARROLLO EN MICROBIOLOGIA EN ALIMENTOS, RIMA) . Coordinator: Dr. Angélica Ganga (Santiago University , Santiago de Chile, Chile). Starting at 2018. Member States: Chile, Argentina & Uruguay.


Dr. Sandra Guerrero
Tel: +54-11-5285-9006 / +54-11-5285-9020
Laboratory 20B, Ground Floor
Pabellón de Industrias – Ciudad Universitaria

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