Post-harvest Technology Group

Laboratory N°18, Ground floor, Department of Industries – University City                      Tel: (+54-11) 5285-9035 / 9033 / 9005


Marcela Patricia Tolaba, PhD                                                                                            Email:


Maria Ana Loubes, PhD
Luciana Carla González, PhD student
Rosa Baeza, PhD
Roberto Aguerre, PhD
Yamila Gisela Sánchez
Anabell León Ortiz
Inés Bodmer

Latest Publications

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  • González L.C. et al., Co-Joined Starch Modification and β-Carotene Dispersion In Situ by Planetary Ball Milling, Starch/Staerke, 72, 2000007, (2020-11-01). doi:10.1002/star.202000007 (2 citas)
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